About us

Based in Battle, East Sussex, Lest We Forget Tours has been offering battlefield tours since 2004, when it was set up by Brian Lancaster, a tour guide with 15 years’ experience, and his wife Joanna, an experienced teacher.  We have specialised in providing World War 1 and 2 battlefield tours for schools and for special interest groups.

Although Brian Lancaster passed away in 2010, Joanna and her sons, Andy and Chris Philipps, continue to offer memorable, emotive and enjoyable tours that are excellent value for money.

All our tours are fully guided, and for each tour we devise an itinerary to suit the specific requirements of our clients and their students or members.  Our flexible approach means that we can match your requirements to a full and rounded tour, seamlessly accommodating any special needs you may have.

Our Philosophy

The four years of World War I were some of the most dramatic and tragic in British military history.  Only when you visit the Western Front do you come to realise the total carnage which took place and realise just how traumatic it must have been for the thousands of men who passed on their way to the trenches, as well as for their mothers, wives and sweethearts left at home. So many British families were touched by loss in the First World War that everyone would have known someone who died – truly a war all the nation fought. It is a part of British military history which, whether regarded as success or failure, should never be forgotten.

We strive to show the dramatic and tragic events of both world wars through the experiences of the battlefields and stories of the soldiers. We believe that only by sharing the experience of the battlefields can we achieve our goal to keep the memory alive – lest we forget.